Laundry and Ware Wash Program

Bringing Solutions to your Laundry and Ware Wash Program

In a world of ever-changing expectations, Dalco’s laundry and ware wash service was built to help you take the guess work out of producing the “perfect load.” We understand what it means to be proud of the work you and your team achieves and to accomplish it more efficiently than ever before.  From large laundry equipment and products to small kitchen dish washers and machines, Dalco brings you a team of experts that not only helps you customize your program, but services your machines as often as your comfort dictates.

When it comes to clean, we can help you deliver! 

Customized Programs

Our service encompasses all areas of your business including delivery, chemical dispensing, dilution formulas, and stain audits on a regular basis. Your facility’s specific laundry or ware wash needs and objectives are accounted for in the development of your customized program, to guarantee the results and quality you expect. We partner with the world leaders in laundry and ware wash and, with our partners, continue to test and supply technical assistance for any question you may have, customizing your program to help make you shine.


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