School lockers and hallway that use Dalco products and services.

Education K-12

In order to keep students and teachers healthy and safe while at school, investing in a facility cleaning and maintenance program is important. Dalco works with many school districts and has the experience to introduce you to the tools you need to prevent the spread of germs and keep your buildings looking their best.

Let us be the experts. We can provide training for your staff, guide you through standardization of quality products, implementing sustainable programs, and increase efficiency with equipment options and effective cleaning processes.

At Dalco, we know every customer has unique needs, as well as, specific cleaning, safety, and environmental objectives. Throughout our whole proven process we work to understand those needs clearly and focus on customizing our recommendations to each customer. This helps us provide the best solutions, combining our knowledge and expertise with some of the world's most recognizable and innovative companies.

Infection Control

The spread of germs is a real concern that many facilities might struggle with. Outbreaks can happen quickly. In order to keep your employees healthy and guests safe, infection control needs to be a top priority. Dalco can provide you with access to many types of programs to help keep your building safe. Prevent and contain outbreaks with Dalco’s experience in surface and hotspot disinfection, hand hygiene programs, and contamination protocol.

Carpet Care

The appearance and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Proper cleaning helps safeguard your carpet investment by keeping you from having to replace it before its time. Our Dalco representatives can bring you carpet care solutions for every problem. With products and equipment from the most trusted brands, Dalco can provide you with the knowledge and experience to properly take care of your carpets with prevention, dirt removal, spot cleaning, interim, and extraction cleaning.


With the Dalco CleanPlan software, you can manage all aspects of your facility’s cleaning maintenance. This software allows you to set up and measure all types of rooms and spaces, calculate the overall time and expenditure needed, distribute work assignments to employees, and monitor the planned cleaning tasks according to the ISSA Cleaning Times and APPA Levels of Cleanliness--all in one software package.

Sustainable Products

Not only does Dalco make sustainability a priority of our own, we search for sustainable products and look for ways to help our customers create a customized sustainable story of their own. From products and processes to packaging, we are able to count on our manufactures to bring innovation to facility cleaning. Together, we make it our business to help bring about a change in the way we clean, use energy, and reduce waste. 


Restroom Care

Restroom conditions in a facility are one of the most frequent topics of customer complaints and can actually keep customers from returning to your business. Don’t let your restrooms scare away your customers. Dalco has the knowledge, tools, products, and expertise to help you take care of all your restroom concerns. Ask us for our recommendations for an effective and thorough restroom sanitation program suited for your facility.

Custom Matting

Protect your building as well as guests who enter your facility. By designing a custom matting program with Dalco, you can positively affect cleanliness throughout your facility, increase the safety of entrances for those visiting, and leave great first impressions with professional looking entrance matting that fits your building. Dalco has many options for providing you with quality matting products in your facility.
Custom Entrance Matting

Hard Floor Care

Staying on top of your hard floor care maintenance plays a vital role in the longevity of your hard floors. At Dalco, we have the experts to help you set up and execute a floor maintenance program that will keep your floors looking their best while saving you time and money. With products and equipment from the most trusted brands available to Dalco customers, our professionals have the tools to assess the floors of your facility and provide you with a step-by-step guide towards success.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures in preventing illness and therefore plays a huge role in the wellbeing of employees and visitors of your facility. Investing in hand hygiene will decrease your absenteeism and presenteeism costs while protecting your employees’ health. Let Dalco show you how to implement a hand hygiene strategy at your facility that will be effective, sustainable, and economical.


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