Dal-Pro Dispensing System

Dalco QDS Dispensing System

Four-Product Dilution Control

The ideal way to easily and accurately dispense cleaning products from high performance concentrates. Accurate dilutions for filling spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets, auto scrubbers are possible with this four-product dispenser.


Item No. 042669
1 dispenser case

Dalco Meteor 3 in 1 Carpet Spotter

Dalco PD Mobile Dispensing

Portable Dispensing

The Dal-Pro portable dispensing guns use the two liter Dal-Pro container to dispense products where needed. Dal-Pro PD Gun allows dispensing of concentrate into mop buckets, auto scrubbers, and spray bottles for spaces a full wall dispensing systems isn't practical. 


Item No. 042700
1 dispenser case

Dal-Pro 14 Bio-Zyme

Neutral pH Floor Cleaner

Non-alkaline formula helps retain high gloss on finished floors. Fortified with a proprietary blend of bacterial spores that provide superior cleaning power. The enzymes produced provide immediate consumption and neutralization of soils, as well as, residual cleaning long after the cleaning is done.

Item No. 042667
4 x 2 liter case

Dal-Pro 128 Disinfectant

Disinfectant Cleaner

128 Disinfectant is designed specifically as an intermediate level disinfectant for use in hospitals, nursing homes, patient rooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, public restrooms, schools, office buildings, and athletic/recreational facilities, where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination. New, fast 5-minute disinfection, 128 Disinfectant offers a faster kill time than many disinfectants for common pathogens.


Item No. 047900

4 x 2 liter case

Dal-Pro 8 MCS

Miracle Clean Shine Floor Rejuvenator 

Designed to clean and maintain floor with one product. Scrub floors clean by either using an autoscrubber or by mop-on application. Burnish to restore the floors to their original shine. Use on resilient tile, sealed wood, terrazzo, marble, concrete and quarry tile floors.

Item No. 014593
4 x 2 liter case

Dal-Pro 11 Stellar

Glass and Surface Cleaner

An effective blend of surfactants penetrate and lift surface films for easy wiping with minimal effort. Use on all glass and mirrors. Great for general purpose cleaning of any polished or painted surfaces. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean and streak-free.

Item No. 042668
4 x 2 liter case

Dal-Pro 12 O-Force

All Purpose Peroxide Cleaner

The one product for most of your cleaning needs. The combination of hydrogen peroxide (which provides color safe bleaching and deodorizing) and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning of most water safe surfaces, yet is very environmentally responsible.

Item No. 015417
4 x 2 liter case

DAL-PRO 10 Foamy ORC

Green Seal Certified Organic-Acid Restroom Cleaner

Perfect for sinks, countertops, and fixtures—This restroom cleaner is perfect for daily cleaning and deodorizing. In one step this product brightens grout and removes stubborn hard water scale and soap scum. Excellent for showers and tubs. Safe to use on chrome surfaces daily.


Item No. 015415

4 x 2 liter case


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