CleanPlan Workforce Optimization Software

With the Dalco CleanPlan software, you can manage all aspects of your facility’s cleaning maintenance. This software allows you to set up and measure all types of rooms and spaces, calculate the overall time and expenditure needed, distribute work assignments to employees, and monitor the planned cleaning tasks according to the ISSA Cleaning Times and APPA Levels of Cleanliness--all in one software package. 

Dalco CleanPlan is a Windows-based software program available in three different versions, divided into modules. You may customize your program to fit your company and adjust it as conditions change.

Save Time with CleanPlan

Facility managers use Dalco CleanPlan in their daily work. It is time-saving, creates easily understood overviews and inspiration to solve many of today’s challenges in the cleaning industry. It enables you to make product decisions and is fully customizable to your business.

The detailed calculation models, detailed room records, and clear drawings of the building will ensure a fast and simple plan, better financial control, as well as easy-to-read work drawings for your staff.

Used by All Types of Companies

Dalco CleanPlan is used by all types of companies, small and large, public as well as private, trade unions, consultants and companies with their own cleaning departments and in many hospitals and educational institutions as well as building service contractors.

Standardization and Visual Planning Tool

Plan your cleaning procedures, products, and workloads within your whole facility, easily viewed and changed in one place. Dalco CleanPlan is a visual planning tool. All planning may be viewed and changed directly on the drawings measured, allowing for a great general view and enabling a check on your room information by a single glance.

The rooms measured may be distributed between your assistants and color-coded on your drawings. You may also run detailed planning by day for cleaning and the days for light or thorough cleaning – again, directly on your drawings.

Quality Control and Inspections

Dalco CleanPlan quality control is based on the recognized ISSA Cleaning Times and APPA levels for control of cleaning quality. Manage, monitor, and continuously improve your cleaning quality to make sure your cleaning procedures are on track. For quick and simple quality control, quality controls may be established by you to meet your particular needs. All quality controls can be performed on mobile devices.

Simulations, Facility Metrics and Cost Calculations

Validate and measure your facility’s FTEs, clean times, budgets, and workloads. Dalco CleanPlan enables you to calculate the consequences of alternative cleaning frequencies, choice of methods, level of hygiene, etc. quickly and easily. The financial consequences of your calculations may be read directly in the system's built-in price calculation.


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