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Building Service Contractors

With tighter facility budgets and higher cleaning standards, optimizing staff and saving time is vital in the facility cleaning industry now more than ever. Dalco’s specialization in facility cleaning and maintenance allows us to focus on providing more than just quality products, we have the experience to help you create a cleaning program that works specifically for your business.

Let us be the experts. We can provide training for your staff, optimize your workforce, products, and time with our CleanPlan Software, and increase efficiency with equipment options, proven programs, and effective cleaning processes.

At Dalco, we know every customer has unique needs, as well as specific cleaning, safety, and environmental objectives. Throughout our whole proven process we work to understand those needs clearly and focus on customizing our recommendations to each customer. This helps us provide the best solutions, combining our knowledge and expertise with some of the world's most recognizable and innovative companies.




We understand that the largest part of your facility maintenance budget is labor and associated costs. Investing in the right piece of equipment can lower these costs and make your workforce more efficient. With Dalco, through our established relationships with many cleaning equipment manufacturers, you have access to a large variety of cleaning equipment, providing you the ability to take advantage of all new efficiencies available on the market.
Equipment Service & Repair


With the Dalco CleanPlan software, you can manage all aspects of your facility’s cleaning maintenance. This software allows you to set up and measure all types of rooms and spaces, calculate the overall time and expenditure needed, distribute work assignments to employees, and monitor the planned cleaning tasks according to the ISSA Cleaning Times and APPA Levels of Cleanliness--all in one software package.

Staff Training

A well-trained work force directly impacts your bottom-line. That’s why we make training an important part of our business process and offer our customers comprehensive training on all things facility maintenance. Every year, Dalco delivers over 3,000 hours of education and training through online programs, on-site demonstrations, or in-classroom style seminars. We are experts in our field and enjoy sharing our knowledge with you and your staff.
Training & Events

Hard Floor Care

Staying on top of your hard floor care maintenance plays a vital role in the longevity of your hard floors. At Dalco, we have the experts to help you set up and execute a floor maintenance program that will keep your floors looking their best while saving you time and money. With products and equipment from the most trusted brands available to Dalco customers, our professionals have the tools to assess the floors of your facility and provide you with a step-by-step guide towards success.

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